Case Studies Nokomis Hardware : Minneapolis, MN

Nokomis Hardware : Neighborhood Hardware Store

Owner of Nokomis Hardware, Carolyn Faacks, is dedicated to maintaining a socially and environmentally conscious business. Installing solar was an easy decision because the economic savings were immediate and the environmental benefits align with Nokomis Hardware’s vision. As a neighborhood business, Carolyn also wanted to keep everything for the installation local.

Our Challenge: Design a system that will maximize the available space and generate as much electricity as possible.

Our Solution: Utilize both the main business rooftop as well as the storage building rooftop for the solar installation and feed both systems through the same meter. Use Minnesota Made panels to keep everything as local as possible.


“I’ve always been interested in ways to reduce my consumption of resources. Renewable energy is the end game and the sooner we get there the better the outcome is for everyone.”

“All Energy Solar was fantastic.  It is only because of their incredible effort that I was able to take advantage of this year’s program.”

-Carolyn Faacks, Commercial Solar Customer



Photo 2013-01-30 10.58.45 AM

Project Specifications–

System Size: 14.25 kW

Panels: 75

Panel Type: Si Energy 190

Inverter Type: (2) Solectria 6.3 and 7.5

Mounting Equipment: B-line

kWh Generated Annually: >15,000 kWh

CO2 Removed Annually: >23,400 Lbs

Trees Saved: 3 acres

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