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Reap the Rewards of the Sun with the Solar Referral Program!

Whether or not you install solar panels, you have a chance to make extra cash while advocating for solar energy. If you help spread the benefits of solar, you could earn rewards through the All Energy Solar Ambassador Program. When you refer friends, family, colleagues, or anyone seeking to switch to solar, you may earn extra incentives!

The referral rewards may change throughout the year to keep the program exciting.

Our Current Promotion*

  • For a limited time, when a person you refer signs a contract with All Energy Solar between May 1, 2024, and July 31, 2024, you will earn $1,000 after we install the system!

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*Eligibility for this promotion is based on when the referred customer signs the contract, not when Ambassadors make referrals. Contracts signed before May 1, 2024, and after July 31, 2024, are not eligible for this promotion.

Solar Referral Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Target gift cards for proposals presented?

For years, an All Energy Solar ambassador had the opportunity to earn $25 and $500 for a referral. The Ambassador received a $25 gift card when the person they referred received a proposal, and they received a $500 check after installation when the referred person signed a contract. However, on May 1, 2024, we phased out gift cards as a referral reward for proposals delivered. Target cards may be disbursed in the future are part of a special promotion for referral activities beyond the Ambassador program at the discretion of All Energy Solar. 

Who is All Energy Solar?

All Energy Solar is a premier full-service solar energy provider. We’ve been providing full-service installations since 2009, and we’ve installed thousands of systems throughout the state for property owners of all kinds.

Do I have to install solar panels to participate in the solar referral program?

No, this solar referral program is open to anyone who wants to sign up to help spread the word about the benefits of solar energy. Even if you don’t have solar!

As a solar fan, you can earn rewards for referring people to All Energy Solar. All you need to do is make an ambassador account and then start referring friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, or anyone else you know who would enjoy the benefits of solar.

How does the Solar Ambassador Program work? 

When you click on the button to visit the portal, fill out the form on that page to sign up as an All Energy Solar Ambassador. Once this step is complete, you will receive access to a full-featured portal that allows you to easily make referrals through a personalized link, track the status of your referrals as they qualify, see payments according to which stage(s) they reached through the process and more. To share your personalized referral link, you can share it directly in the same way you would via email or social media. The portal also offers you a variety of tools to help make sharing easy, as well as a place for you to directly input referrals yourself.  

Do all referrals qualify for solar rewards? 

Unfortunately, not all solar referrals will qualify for rewards. First, the person must qualify for solar which involves a variety of factors, including whether the property is within All Energy Solar’s service area and that they own the property where they would like to have solar installed, among other qualifying factors. Only if your referral decides to install solar through All Energy Solar, then you will be eligible to receive the payment.  

How will I receive payment for a solar referral?

You will be able to identify when payments are made through the Referral Rewards Paid tab within the Ambassador Portal. Your solar referral rewards will be delivered to you via check to any location in the United States.

Where will the referral reward checks be sent to?

All Energy Solar mails checks to addresses in the United States only.

Can All Energy Solar make referral payments outside the United States?

No. All Energy Solar can only make referral reward payments within the United States, regardless of the payment method.

When can I expect payment for my referral?

We send check payments once every month. The timing of your referral can impact when you receive payment. If your referral decides to move forward with installing solar, you’ll receive your check approximately one month after your referrals system has been switched on. Other occurrences may impact the timing of payment, including holidays, approval of payment, confirmation processes from the bank and more. If it’s been more than 60 days and you still have not received payment, please reach out to us at

What happens when two or more Ambassadors refer the same person to All Energy Solar?

All Energy Solar rewards one Ambassador for each referral.  If there is a dispute and more than one referring Ambassador is listed, All Energy Solar will ask the customer for guidance on which Ambassador made the referral.

I made a referral, but I don’t see it in my portal. What should I do?

To qualify for the reward, the referral must be captured by All Energy Solar prior to signing the contract, either via your unique referral link, you directly inputting the referral, or by your referral telling us prior to sign up. However, if you believe an error has occurred, reach out to

I think I should have received payment. What should I do?

First, check the Track Qualified Referrals tab on your Ambassador Portal to ensure that your referral has registered in the system. Then check to see if the payment has been made on the Referral Rewards Paid tab. If the referral is not listed, or it says payment has been made but you can’t find it in your email or mail, please contact

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