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10 Top Solar Stories in 2023 from All Energy Solar

Once again it’s the end of the old year and the beginning of the new, typically a time to reflect on what has happened over the last 365 days in our neck of the woods. Some of the most exciting things for us was our third-place finish in the 2023 Solar Games, the relaunching of our newly designed website in April, expanding our solar installation services into Illinois, and being nationally recognized for our work.

Let’s take a look back at what else we’ve been talking about over the last 12 months. We’ve put together our top ten most popular solar power articles for the year, as well as some other highlights worth your consideration.

  1. Suds & Solar Power Hour Series: In the Spring we relaunched our Suds & Solar Power Hour series. These events were held at local breweries in Minnesota, where people could top by to ask a solar expert whatever questions they have and receive a free beverage for their time. The event was a success and we continued with a Suds & Solar Summer Edition and a Suds & Solar Autumn Series. Watch this website to find out when the next one will be scheduled!
  2. Solar 101 Webinar Series: Our virtual events were also a great success this year. We kicked it off with Make 2023 Your Year in the Sun & Secure Your Solar Spot on the Grid, then followed it up with Solar as a Home Improvement for Spring. In the Summer it was time to learn about kicking fossil fuels to the curb at home and on the road with Solar + EV Charger and then in the Autumn, we talked about Keeping Your Lights On with Solar + Battery Backup. We took a break during the holidays but we’re back at it with New Year, New Incentives – sign up for the webinar that works best for you!
  3. Can My HOA Prevent Me From Installing Solar on My Property? Some may have sparred with their HOA in the past over minute items such as bird feeders, yard signs, or even window coverings, and are worried that solar panels will be treated similarly. The good news is that some states restrict the kinds of rules that HOAs can have for solar, including Minnesota.
  4. How Do I Finance My Solar Installation? With rising interest rates, it might seem like a tricky time to make an investment in solar. Assuming you’re not planning to purchase the system outright with cash, you’ll probably want to consider your financing options. We offer a few solar financing tips for getting started.
  5. Maximize Your Investment: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Residential Solar Panel System. Many property owners who install solar on their home experience a great deal of excitement from seeing their reduced energy costs from clean, renewable solar energy. This feeling is often followed by thoughts of how they can further maximize their system’s performance to see even more significant savings.
  6. Massachusetts State Solar Tax Credit. Massachusetts continues to be a leader in renewable energy production by offering exceptional incentives to residents. There is no guarantee that incentives will continue to be around, act fast to get the most out of your solar panels.
  7. How Much Electricity Can Solar Panels Generate? Solar energy is one of the world’s most promising renewable energy sources, with an increasing number of property owners and businesses looking to harness its potential. Today, solar panels are more efficient and cost-effective than ever, and the amount of energy they can generate has significantly increased.
  8. Wisconsin Net Metering: Selling Electricity Back to the Grid. Although Wisconsin has had net metering regulations in place since 1982, there is a great deal of variance among what utility companies and some were drastically trying to reduce or eliminate the programs altogether. In November, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (WPSC) voted on two important proposals that are now giving solar users in the state a sigh of relief.
  9. The 30% Solar Tax Credit May Not Be Here to Stay. When the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was signed into law at the end of 2022, it included an extension of the solar tax credit, a provision that was very popular among fans of solar energy. It effectively makes the total cost of a solar system 30% to 50% cheaper for individuals and businesses all the way through 2032. But Congressional and Senate leaders have been attempting to repeal portions of the IRA, and with an election year just around the corner, it’s possible that this substantial discount won’t be around as long as we’d all like.
  10. Infographic: What’s Stopping You From Switching to Solar? With so many benefits to solar energy, making the switch may seem like a no-brainer. But there still may be some hurdles that are keeping you from exploring further. In this infographic we explore a few potential problems and see whether it should stop you from making the switch.

That’s it, that’s our list for 2023! We look forward to sharing more great information and helping bring the power of the sun to more homes and businesses next year! We hope you have a peaceful and prosperous 2024!

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