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5 Outstanding Reasons Your Business Should Switch to Solar

As a business owner, making an investment like switching to solar energy might be seen as risky by some, in a seemingly complicated and ever-changing market. However, drive around most American cities today and you’ll see solar panels being installed on the roofs of more and more businesses every year. Do these companies know something you don’t? Not anymore. Clean, reliable solar energy makes sense everywhere the sun shines.


Why your business should go solar

1. Rapid payback

As soon as you start generating energy from your solar panels, your payback has begun. Complete payback of the total cost of your commercial installation can happen in less than 10 years, all while product warranties now last 25 years or more.

2. Reduced or eliminated electric bills

Also immediate is a reduction in your facility’s monthly electric bills. And with net metering—a process where excess power generated from your system is sold back directly to your energy provider—payments to electric companies will be even less. (Net metering is available in most U.S. regions.)

3. Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The Solar ITC is a federal program that gives businesses a tax credit of 30% of their systems’ cost through the end of 2019. The credit drops to 26% in 2020 and 22% in 2021 before settling in at 10% in 2022 and beyond. Thousands of commercial facilities have had solar installed since the ITC launched in 2006. Now’s the time to make the move before these credits start to wind down.

4. Helping clean up our environment

It takes a lot of natural resources to create fossil fuel electricity, and electrical power plants are notorious for being top producers of atmospheric carbon monoxide. Businesses that go solar distance themselves from this polluting activity by generating electricity from the cleanest source of all: the sun.

5. Enhanced professional reputation

Will many consumers prefer a solar-powered business over one powered by standard electricity, all other things being equal? While some people buy with their pocketbooks, others buy with their eco-mindedness. Solar-powered businesses stand to enhance their brand reputation in the minds of a growing number of environmentally focused individuals.

In today’s day and age, consumers look to brands for assistance in navigating how they perceive the world in which they reside. An estimated 59% of U.S. consumers are “belief driven” buyers, meaning they expect brands to take a stand on important issues in order to receive
their business.

This stands as an incredible marketing tool businesses should take advantage of. Communicating that you advocate for and deploy clean, renewable solar energy creates the potential to drive growth and advocacy, adding to the growing list of outstanding reasons your business should make the switch to solar.

Contact All Energy Solar for more information on all of these factors, plus even more compelling reasons your business can benefit from solar power.

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