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That’s right! We never stop moving forward. All Energy Solar is now installing systems in Iowa. It was a natural progression for us, as the incentives in Minnesota are limited, but plentiful in Iowa. We are really excited to be growing into this new market, and are already installing a 4kw ground mount system on a farm in Decorah this week.

There are great opportunities with an excellent return on investment for farmers, business owners, and homeowners right now in Iowa. I’ll go through some of the incentives in a second, but while we are establishing our footing in the Hawkeye sate, we could definitely use your help! If you know anyone in northern Iowa, please let them know about All Energy Solar, and that they can save money by using clean solar energy. You, our customers and followers, are the biggest advocates we have and have the largest ability to make a difference for the environment by simply sharing information.

Here are some of the incentives for farm solar and business solar:

State Incentives:
15% Tax Credit | Capped at $3000

Federal Incentives:
30% Tax Credit | No cap | Commercial systems qualify for Accelerated Depreciation

Alliant Energy Interstate Power and Light Customers:
Standard Rebate – $0.75 /kwh times the first year estimated output

Enhanced Efficiency Rebate – $1.25 /kwh times the first year estimated output if qualified

To qualify the project owners must meet one of the following criteria:
Install all upgrades with a 5 year or less payback identified in the Home Performance w/EnergyStar audit
The house has already passed Alliant Energy’s New Home Construction guidelines
Your home uses less than 6500 kwh annually

There are also other incentives available if you’re not an Alliant Energy Interstate Power and Light customer, so please contact us to discuss what those are and how home solar or farm solar can work for you.

Thank you for following us! Thank you for your help spreading the word! Thank you in advance for contacting us!

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