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Are Jobs Available in the Solar Industry?

The fastest-growing job market in America

Solar jobs have been on a rapid rise over the last decade in the United States, with an increase of over 167 percent in that time period. Between 2018-2019, the solar workforce added more than 5,600 jobs nationwide, bringing the national total to just under 250,000 solar workers in America. In the past five years, solar employment has risen five times faster than overall job growth in the U.S. economy.SolarJobs-JobsAvailable

So what jobs are available?

Solar offers a wide range of career possibilities for those interested in pursuing a position in this rapidly growing industry. The National Solar Jobs Census showed more than 11,500 jobs in operation and maintenance, 12,000 in support roles, 29,700 in trade and distribution, 34,400 in manufacturing, and over 162,000 in installation and project development, an ever-growing demand. 

Some positions, such as installation technicians, can be readily attained with on-the-job training through a trusted and experienced solar provider. In contrast, other jobs such as electricians or engineering roles require more extensive training, experience, and certification. Many trade schools, colleges, and universities are now adding both two and four-year degrees in solar as a part of their offerings to help meet the alternative and renewable energy industry’s employment needs. 

Why do solar jobs offer such a bright future?

As more state and local governments implement policies such as Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) that help support the adoption of clean, renewable, and independent energy, utility companies are seeking to find ways to comply with these regulations. Solar has proven to be one of the most popular and widely adopted methods for utility companies to meet RPS requirements. As a result, the number of solar installations has increased, and the public’s familiarity with solar has shifted—helping to drive market demand. 

This increase in consumer demand has meant that many established solar companies have seen significant growth resulting in the need for skilled labor to keep up with that demand. Thirty-four percent of solar companies in a recent survey listed a lack of qualified talent as one of their significant growth challenges in the coming years. 

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All Energy Solar is always looking for well qualified individuals to join our growing team. Our company is dedicated to ensuring a healthy, exciting, and innovative working environment for our team members. Get in touch with us today if you’re interested in a career in solar!

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