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Solar Installation Is a Big Job—How Do You Know You’re Choosing the Right Installer?

Making the move to go solar is a wise decision, but it’s not a move to make blindly. If you’re like most people, your knowledge of all the aspects of a solar panel installation is limited at best. Fortunately, the company you hire to install your solar system can help you understand every step of the process and perform the work at the highest industry standards.

how-do-I-choose-the-right-installerAssuming, that is, you choose the right installer.

You should talk with several installation contractors before deciding on one to hire. Here’s some advice to help you hire the best installer for your specific project.

5 questions to ask when evaluating a solar installation company

  1. How many installations similar to yours have they performed? A few dozen? A few thousand? Experience counts for a lot.
  2. How long have they been in business? This is important.
  3. Do they have electricians on staff? Only licensed electricians can ensure that your system is installed and configured properly.
  4. Will they perform a detailed analysis of your energy needs and usage patterns in order to recommend the optimal system?
  5. Can they handle the filing of paperwork for state or federal incentives that apply to your installation? It’s much easier to let an expert manage these documents.

You also can be proactive and do your own homework:

  • Ask for contact info of past customers.
  • Read online reviews, if there are any.
  • Pour over their website and social media pages.
  • Check them out with your local Better Business Bureau, building code enforcement department and chamber of commerce.

Solar installation is a big job, so it’s critical to hire an installer who’s fully qualified and will be with you through every phase. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing the contractor you’ve chosen is the right one.

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