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Saint Louis Park solar energy program

Minnesota is a leader in the midwest for solar power, with a variety of community and utility level programs in addition to the statewide PACE solar loan program for business. Now another community is putting itself on the map for supporting this renewable energy source.

The Saint Louis Park city council recently approved a new pilot program for 2021 called “Solar Sundown.” The program is designed to double the amount of rooftop solar on existing buildings (from 1 megawatt to 2 megawatts) within the city by year-end and bring St. Louis Park closer to meeting its Climate Action Plan midterm goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030.

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With the Solar Sundown program, the City of Saint Louis Park will pay 4 percent of the cost of the solar project directly to the homeowner or business owner upon their solar installation project passing the final inspection.

There is a small Environmental Justice Area within Saint Louis Park that would receive an additional 2 percent for a total of 6 percent of the cost of the system. That area is bordered by Texas Ave S. to the east, MN-77 to the south, Cedar Lake Trail to the west, and W. 28th Street to the north.

Solar Sundown is meant to cover the difference between the 2021 federal Investment Tax Credit (now 26 percent) and the 2019 federal Investment Tax Credit (30 percent) for installing rooftop solar, with an additional two percent offered to properties within the city’s Environmental Justice area.

Like many solar incentives, this program is first come, first served. The goal is to generate 50 residential and 20 commercial installations this year. Funding could run out if that goal is met. 

The permit must be pulled and the project must be inspected in 2021. Progress on the project must start within 90 days of approval by the city. There is no size limit on any individual project.

This is a new program and so additional information may become available and this page will be updated accordingly. ebook: Solar for BusinessWant to get more updates like this or learn more about All Energy Solar? Take a look at our Solar Power Case Studies, Customer Testimonials, Residential Solar Project Gallery and Commercial Solar Project Gallery, then follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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