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Showing Off Our Solar at the 2023 Sustainability Tour

In just a few weeks, the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society (MRES) will host its Sustainability Tour, showcasing homes and businesses that operate with solar energy and other forms of sustainable living. All Energy Solar’s customer-turned-employee, Rolf Scholtz, is opening up his home to the public to help spread information about the benefits of living with solar.

A look at the solar-powered home from above

Before he was on the sales team, Rolf Scholtz was an All Energy Solar customer. In 2016, a 24-panel PV-Solar array was installed, and since then, Rolf has continued to add additional sustainable elements. In 2020, the home added an EV and off-peak charger, then a Sense Energy Monitor in 2021, and most recently, a Tesla Powerwall battery in 2022.

During the peak solar production seasons of spring and summer, Rolf’s home is fully solar-powered about 85 percent of the time or 99 percent when air conditioning is not running. After personally experiencing the benefits of solar and the dedication of All Energy Solar, Rolf decided to join the company and has been a valued team member ever since.

This Minneapolis home will be available for viewing on Sunday, October 8th, from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The property has the special bonus of having Rolf, who is now well-versed in residential solar installations, making it the perfect property to visit if you have questions on how to go solar or add sustainable elements to your property.

The entire Sustainability Tour takes place from October 6th to October 8th in various areas of the greater Twin Cities metro area. Visiting these homes is a great way to see the passion and the real effects solar has had on homes in the local community and to see firsthand that this is a viable energy source. While decades ago, solar seemed somewhat unattainable to the public, it has become increasingly common in recent years. MRES has been hosting tours for over 20 years, and now more than ever, showcased homes are owned by the average person, not just an unattainable dream home.

Visiting the showcased homes and buildings is free and available to the public. The tour offers the experience of seeing the benefits of solar in person. If you can’t make it in person to any of the stops on the tour, various virtual tours show you even more solar-powered and sustainable homes.

If you are interested in solar but can’t visit Rolf’s home during the tour, we offer various resources to help you on your solar journey. From participating in local events with solar experts to providing online resources, we are dedicated to helping you make a decision that will best fit your energy needs. Contact us to get a free solar consultation from All Energy Solar.

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