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How Solar Energy Can Free You From Utility Companies

With solar energy only accounting for roughly two percent of the world’s electricity, it would be fair to assume that big utility companies have nothing to worry about. But you might be surprised to find out that isn’t the case.SolarEnergyBills-Free 

As more consumers turn to renewable sources of energy and install solar PV systems that aren’t tied to the grid in order to supply their consumption needs, the energy landscape itself begins to shift away from reliance on fossil fuels and the gatekeepers who have dominated the industry for decades. 

Are utility companies onboard with solar energy?

Even though utilities are required to maintain their energy related infrastructure, their consumers are paying less as they turn to other renewable sources. In many states, utilities are required by law to purchase excess energy generated by customers through net metering as well, creating less revenue and higher expenses. 

Some of the larger utility companies within the country would like to have you believe they are in full support of solar energy, but behind closed doors they continue to lobby against legislation subsidizing renewables. The past few years have also seen attempts at weakening or repealing renewable portfolio standards.

Not every utility company is upset about paying for solar-generated energy from residential customers, however. Many of the publicly and municipally owned companies see any increase in renewable sources of energy as a positive, especially when taking into account increasing levels of public support and a desire to stay ahead of the curve. 

How solar can help you save

Installing your own solar panels for your home or business not only helps you save on energy bills by decreasing the amount of energy pulled from the grid and earn credits through net metering, it also provides you with peace of mind knowing you have your own reliable source of clean energy.

Solar energy will become more affordable as technology advances and consumers demand alternative energy solutions. Although an initial start up cost does exist, the panels begin to pay for themselves in a short amount of time . When compared to the solution of receiving monthly bills, solar panels clearly become an investment you can bank on.

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