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The Solar Industry at Work

We’ve known that the U.S. solar industry has been one of America’s premier job-creating machines. Last year alone, the sector added 5,600 jobs, bringing the total number of Americans working in solar to roughly 250,000. But what does the solar industry workforce look like?SolarJobs-SolarAtWork

Who works in solar

A 2019 report on diversity released by The Solar Foundation, in partnership with the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), covers diversity and inclusion within the solar industry. This partnership aims to help identify gaps and develop strategies for the sector to improve its workforce makeup. The study revealed that women comprise just 26 percent of the solar workforce and hold 28 percent of positions with the title of Manager, Director, or President. Women also make up about 47 percent of the overall workforce, a number much higher than that of similar industries, such as construction, where women make up 10.3 percent of the total workforce. The same report showed that Hispanic or Latino respondents are more likely to hold one of these positions than non-Hispanic respondents. The good news is that the solar industry is actively striving to improve its workforce’s make-up to be more inclusive and diverse. 

What they do

There is a wide range of facets to the solar industry, from manufacturing to installation to operation and maintenance. By far, the largest and fastest-growing area for industry jobs falls in the camp of solar installation. Of the roughly 250,000 U.S. solar industry jobs, 177,490 are solar installation and project development positions. Solar installation is followed distantly by both manufacturing and distribution, which both produce roughly 30,000 jobs nationwide. 

Where they do it

Thirty-one states saw solar job growth in 2019, with the most significant increase in the Southeastern United States due to increased capacity. Some states, including California, saw a small decrease in solar jobs from 2018–2019; however, California’s large capacity (about 40 percent of the nation’s total) provides about 30 percent of the nation’s total number of solar jobs. 

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