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Commercial Solar and Peak Shaving

Your business’s energy consumption will often look like a series of peaks and valleys throughout the day. In the energy industry, leveling out these peaks to reduce the amount of energy purchased from the utility company is referred to as peak shaving. Peak shaving not only helps lighten the load on the grid, it also reduces the amount of energy purchased from the utility companies during peak hours of energy demand when rates are typically at their highest.WhatToKnow_PeakShaving

Why does peak shaving make sense?

As a result of the latest technology advancements, peak shaving using onsite storage can offer some excellent advantages for your business. With the ability to identify excessive energy costs and adjust your business’s demand from the grid, you’ll see a significant reduction in your business’s operating expenses, offering a competitive advantage. Additionally, the lightened load can ease your local power grid’s demand, which may help avoid highly disruptive power outages in your immediate area. 

How solar can help you peak shave.

Recent advances in technology have allowed businesses to monitor and document their energy consumption patterns to identify their most expensive periods of energy use. While some companies have added onsite generators powered by natural gas, solar has some significant advantages. Businesses that add a solar photovoltaic system, coupled with an onsite battery backup system, can directly meet their peak energy demands. Or they can use the energy produced from their solar panels to charge their batteries and use that stored energy during peak demand periods when grid load and prices are at their highest. The advantage of a solar photovoltaic and battery storage system over a traditional fossil-fueled generator is that the primary source of energy generated used to replenish your generator comes at no additional costs to your business. 

To learn more about how your business can implement a peak shave strategy and reduce your business’s operating costs through readily available, renewable solar energy, contact an All-Energy solar representative.


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