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We are a solar power installer, so of course we wish everyone could go solar. But it doesn’t make sense for everyone or maybe it’s not the right time for some people to install an array right now.

Whether or not you’re able and ready to install solar panels for your home, we suspect you already have an idea of the benefits these systems can deliver. But there’s one extra benefit to solar power with All Energy Solar you might not be aware of, and you can take advantage of it whether you install a solar array or not. 

Through our Solar Ambassador Referral program, you could help spread the benefits of solar, and earn rewards for yourself!

Every time you refer a friend, family member or, quite simply, anyone looking to save money by going solar, you can earn big when they decide to go solar with All Energy Solar!

  • Earn a $25 for everyone you refer that receives a solar proposal
  • Earn a $500 if anyone you refer ultimately decides to go solar

This solar referral program is open to anyone who wants to sign up to help spread the word about the benefits of solar energy. Everyone could use a little cash these days and it’s for a good cause that benefits the person you refer, as well as the community around them.

Read the FAQ for the solar program or sign up to become a solar referral ambassador today.ebook: Solar for Business

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