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The Top 4 Energy Vampires Contributing to Your Idle Load

You may have heard or read about energy vampires, those always-on devices that can increase your consumption of energy without your ever realizing it. These devices and appliances contribute to what’s called “idle load,” which is as wasteful as it is sneaky. The worst offenders are those with a high standby load, or those that are continuously active.Top-4-Energy-Vampires-Contributing-to-your-Idle-Load

Here are the some of the worst energy vampires, and what you can do about them:

  1. Set-top boxes
    These handy devices from your cable company may bring a world of viewing options to your home, but they can cost as much as $57 in annual electricity bills.
  2. Hot water recirculation pump
    It’s great to have instant hot water, but you should realize that one of these pumps, depending on its size, can take on as much as $93 in annual billing.
  3. Fans
    Cool breezes can use quite a lot of electricity. One fan, left running continuously, can cost as much as $111 per year to operate.
  4. Aquarium equipment
    You may love to watch those koi swim to and fro, but they do so at a hefty electricity price-tag. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), one fishpond can use 220 watts of continuous power, contributing $220 to an annual electric bill.


These appliances can feel necessary for functioning in your everyday life. But when left unattended, the amount of energy consumed can end up costing you in the long run. Unplug your devices whenever you can and make sure to adjust the power settings so, over time, you can save on unnecessary costs.

Consider solar power
If you’re considering adding solar power to your home, banishing energy vampires in advance can help you “right size” the system you install. If you’d like to know more, contact your local solar installer for a free quote and to learn more about which type of solar installation is right for you.

Download our eBook, Energy Vampires, to learn more about the devices in your home increasing your energy consumption—without you even realizing it.eBook_CTA_EnergyVampires


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