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Why Integrity Matters in a Solar Installer

As we celebrate our 15th Anniversary this year, we find ourselves reflecting on the  values that have led to our success and the successful installations for our thousands of happy customers over the years. Since our founding, one of our four core principles has been integrity, something that we take quite seriously and that helps drive the work we do every day.

Integrity in action

Put simply, integrity means we do what’s right no matter what. No upselling, misleading, or delivering anything short of the full truth.  It’s a steadfast adherence to ethical principles and moral conduct in all of our business practices and interactions.

As renewable energy solutions specialists with an extensive in-house team, we treat all people fairly, regardless of their position, background, or relationship with the company. Respect for everyone is a key component of how we work.

No upselling

Unfortunately, with an influx of fly-by-night companies, it seems that high-pressure tactics are becoming more and more common in the solar industry. We don’t believe in upselling because we value your trust and know that when we prioritize your satisfaction over aggressive sales tactics, you’re more likely to come back to us and recommend us to others. Our focus is on building lasting relationships, not just closing quick deals.

No misleading

We’ve also seen a rise in complaints from others in the solar industry about misleading business practices. Since 2009, we’ve been committed to providing our customers with honest, transparent, and straightforward solutions to bring solar to their home or business. We don’t engage in misleading practices because we know that integrity is crucial to earning your confidence. When you interact with us, you’ll find straightforward information without any hidden fees, vague terms, or deceptive promises. Our goal is to make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting, so you can make informed decisions. We prefer to build our reputation on reliability and transparency, ensuring that you always feel confident in our work.

We don’t deliver anything short of the full truth

We know solar can be a major investment, so we don’t believe in shortcuts or details missed. We do things the right way and work to be honest and transparent about any concerns or problems that may arise.Our shared principle of integrity resonates in conversations with our trusted partners and customers alike and helps us reach even higher. What do our customers say? More than 1,750 five-star customer reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau say we do solar right and respond to every solar call, question, or need.

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