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3 Reasons Why Solar Panels Might Not Be Right for Your Business

Solar power is surging within the commercial market as business owners learn more about the multiple benefits of solar energy, such as reduced operating costs starting with the first electric bill after installation and generous tax incentives and depreciation credits thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. However, here are a few show-stoppers that could prevent your business from installing onsite solar.

  1. You don’t own your facility or don’t plan on staying long. While investing in solar can immediately reduce your utility bills, it is also an investment into your property. If you are leasing your facility or plan on moving to a new location soon, it might not be the right time for solar. Likewise, if you have a roof that is aging and due for replacement, you will want to be sure it is replaced before installing solar panels.
  2. Your incoming electric service is limited. Offsetting high energy costs from your facility is a great reason to switch to solar. But if you currently have inadequate electrical service coming into your building from your utility service, you may already be experiencing power quality issues such as power fluctuations or voltage drops. These issues will need to be fixed before switching as they can affect the performance and lifespan of sensitive equipment, potentially leading to equipment malfunctions or failures.
  3. The conditions surrounding your site may not be not suitable for solar. Are there large, open spaces for rows of solar panels, or do you have multiple obstructions to work around? Most business facilities don’t face significant shade issues like many residential homes, but office park complexes and densely populated areas may be accompanied by several trees and obstructive buildings nearby. Are there vents or ducts emitting grease and dust, potentially settling on the equipment and limiting solar production? These are important considerations when determining the estimated production of a solar panel installation and something an experienced installer will take into consideration.

There are many more factors to consider to help determine if solar is right for your business. Talk to a qualified solar installer to see if solar is a good match for you.

Check out our eBook on Solar for Business for a deeper dive on making the switch to solar for your business or quickly check out our infographic that lists the Top 5 Reasons for Your Business to Go Solar.

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