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Will I Lose Money if I Don’t Use All the Solar Power I Generate?

People who are unsure about how solar power works sometimes think that when you have a solar PV system installed, you have to use every last drop of energy the panels generate—while it’s being generated—or all the excess power will be lost.

Actually the truth is just the opposite.



Briefly about solar

Solar energy is produced when sunlight comes into contact with photovoltaic panels that typically are installed on a roof. Cells inside the panels convert the sunlight into electricity, which is made available to the house just like conventional electricity from the power grid. The difference is, you own the electricity you generate with solar, and there are a couple ways you can store electricity you don’t immediately need for use at a later time.

Net metering: your solar bank

Net metering is a process that lets you bank with your utility provider excess power you produce during peak sunny daytime hours. In a sense you’re “selling” this energy to the utility at the going rate and then “buying” it back at the same (and sometimes lower) rate when you need it. Net metering is available in most U.S. states.

Solar battery systems

If you’d prefer to bypass your utility company and say goodbye to the grid, solar battery systems let you do your own energy banking right at your own home. Specially made battery units for residential solar systems come in a variety of storage capacities and lifespans. Three batteries usually are sufficient to supply the average home with all the electricity necessary.

With these innovative storage options, rather than losing valuable solar energy and the money it represents, you’ll be maximizing your investment and meeting your electrical needs around the clock.

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