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Battery Power for
Energy Independence

Electricity provides safety, comfort and continuity of daily life. Protect yourself from grid failures or extreme weather events with a solar- or grid-tied battery backup system. Either option can keep your critical systems operating when others are in the dark. 

All Energy Solar Has the Best in Battery Technology

Battery backup systems are fairly new ideas. However, All Energy Solar has been an expert in off-grid power systems for decades.

Every battery storage project includes:

  • Licensed electrical contractors
  • Licensed building contractors
  • Full building, fire, and electrical code compliance

Know Your Options for Solar Battery Storage

Choose from the most respected brands of solar batteries

We’ve been trained and certified by Tesla and Enphase to install their battery storage systems in all 50 states. Both are reliable options and come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Stay powered with grid- or solar-tied battery storage

Charge your battery with the sun using solar panels or by connecting it directly to your utility grid. Both work like backup generators, turning on when an outage is detected.

Enjoy energy security with financial incentives

A battery backup system qualifies for federal tax credits. Plus, "net metering" programs allow you to sell power to the grid during high-demand periods.

Why Battery Storage Systems Make Sense

There are several reasons to consider a battery backup system. Some are obvious; others could be essential benefits you haven’t considered yet.

Less reliance on the power grid

  • Ideal for rural areas
  • Severe weather events
  • Natural disasters/Emergencies
  • Rolling black- and brown-outs

Continuity of your operations

  • Store/business
  • Work-from-home
  • Remote learning
  • Home health needs
  • Electric vehicle charging

Steps To Add Battery Storage

The specifics of adding a battery storage system will always have variables. But how we approach your solution is a well-defined process. We’ll guide you through the steps to support your decision-making process.

Determine your power needs
Identify the appropriate battery storage capacity
Choose a solar-tied or grid-tied system
Decide the best battery storage solution for your needs
Conduct system design, engineering and product ordering
Complete installation and system activation

Solar Battery FAQs

What type of battery chemistry do you offer?

We offer a variety of lithium based batteries consisting of either an NMC battery chemistry or an LFP battery chemistry.

How much does a battery storage system cost?

The cost will depend on the storage capacity and other factors. Our sales consultants would be happy to provide a quote that meets your home's needs and your backup expectations.

Can batteries be added or storage expanded at any time?
Yes. Battery storage systems are modular, allowing you to add capacity at any time. If you think you’ll be adding batteries in the future, it’s best to design a new solar panel array with that goal in mind.
Why do I need Solar + Battery if I want to have electricity during a power grid failure?
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Most solar energy systems, whether they include a battery or not, are connected to the grid. This connection allows solar panel owners to “sell” excess power produced by their systems back to the grid for credits on their future energy bills. During a power failure, a grid-connected solar system with no battery will shut down. This is a safety feature so utility electricians can fix issues without the risk of unexpected energy from solar hitting the powerlines. With Solar + Battery, the solar panels and battery can work together independently during a power outage and keep your lights on, regardless of whether the grid is online.

How long can a solar + battery power my property when the grid goes down?
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The answer to this is complex and depends on a variety of factors. Those factors include how much energy the property is consuming during an outage, the battery quantity and charge at the time of the outage, and more. A battery or bank of batteries should be sized to keep your home running until the grid comes back online. To give yourself more control of your electric usage during an outage, you could install a smart service panel solution, such as a SPAN panel.

All Energy Solar did a great job installing the solar panels, system, and backup batteries.
- E.G.

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What You Should Know About Battery Storage

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