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Learn Why Solar Panels Are Right For You

Solar panels have always been an intriguing idea. Now they’re an easy choice. Federal, state, and local incentives make solar panels very affordable. Plus, the panels’ quality and performance are warrantied for 25 years. 

Quick Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Learn all about solar power with help from All Energy Solar. Tap into our decades of experience and the expertise that comes from 8,541 installations.

Save On Your Electric Bills and More

Switching to solar will save on your electric bills, generate tax savings, and could qualify you for grants, net metering, and local programs.

We’ve Written the Books on Solar

No matter your solar question, All Energy Solar has an article or eBook that covers both the basic and in-depth details you need to make a smart solar decision.

Get to Know Your State’s Opportunities

Solar savings, laws, codes, programs, and regulations vary by state — and sometimes by ZIP code or city. All Energy Solar has specific details on your location.

Meet Your Goals By Going Solar

The more you learn about solar, the more reasons you find to go solar. Even if you choose solar for one reason, you’ll reap all of its benefits for decades to come.

Lower your price per kWh

With solar panels, your cost per kWh never changes. In time, when the system is paid off, every kWh your panels generate is free power.

Scale up as you need it​

Solar panel systems are easily scaled up. Additional roof- or ground-mounted panels can be added to power EVs, electric appliances, and more. ​

Live a greener life

Becoming carbon-neutral used to come with inconveniences. Today, being green is just another benefit of switching to solar.

Protect yourself from rate increases

Even when regulated by the state, electricity costs are continually rising. Going solar insulates you from rate spikes and protects your monthly budget.

Increase your property value

Solar panels add value and desirability to any property. Often, the increased property value is greater than the solar panel system itself.

Avoid electricity outages

Every power grid goes down. Sometimes for a few moments, other times it’s for many weeks. When paired with a battery backup system, solar panels ensure you always have power. ​

What You Wish You Knew About Solar Panels

Keep exploring why solar panels might be right for you. All Energy Solar is the solar panel assessment, design and installation expert. We handle it all and make solar easy to understand. 

Thinking About a Switch to Solar Power?

Getting started begins with a no-pressure conversation. We’ll answer your questions and help you decide if, how much, and why solar could be a bright idea for you.

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