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Hanson Remodeling: Trusted residential renovators get an upgrade for their own energy profile

For over a decade, Hanson Remodeling has been a place owners of older homes turn to make big changes without disturbing the harmony of their home’s character. Environmentalism has always been important to this small company: Hanson Remodeling is part of a dedicated movement applying principles of sustainability and resource efficiency to the businesses of remodeling.  

In the spring of 2019, Hanson Remodeling made revolutionary changes to their own resource consumption. After moving into a vacant office building in the Longfellow neighborhood in 2018, Hanson made vast improvements to the interior in exterior of the property.  The space’s flat, sunny rooftop was calling out to be used, and All Energy Solar was tapped to install a system that would bring the company’s operations in closer alignment with its values.  

Building and remodeling—with a side of environmental leadership

“The biggest draw was reducing our carbon footprint,” reflects business owner Dan Hanson. “But there were so many other reasons—like energy independence, getting our energy costs locked in at this level, and taking advantage of the 2019 tax credits and incentives. We really wanted to set an example in the community and show our employees and clients a different way to do business.”

Hanson Remodeling is no stranger to the challenges solar installers encounter during renovations. Remodelers do a similar juggling act with client desires, design demands, local government regulations, and the realities of project execution. Even though his employees spend plenty of time on roofs themselves, Dan turned to All Energy Solar because he knows experience makes a big difference. 

“All Energy Solar knew what I wanted, and they knew how to work with the city and the utility company to make it happen. I wanted 36 panels, and the utility company wanted us to install half that number. If I had tried to do it myself, it would have been such a huge learning curve, and I might have settled for something less than I wanted. All Energy Solar took care of everything behind the scenes and never asked me to change my priorities—they delivered.” 

It feels good to take action

With the panels soaking up the summer sun, Dan Hanson can cross a longtime item off his wish list. “Looking at the legacy I want to leave for my children, I imagine them asking, ‘Did you step up and make an effort, did you think about what you were doing?’”

“With the solar array, I am taking action. I’m thinking about what I represent as a business owner and I’m doing something that is better for everybody. We have this amazing energy source that never shuts off, and I’m generating energy for my community with it. It’s happening right now, while the sun’s shining, and I feel pretty good about that.”


Project Specifications

  • System Size: 11.88 kW
  • Panels: 36
  • Panel Type: Panasonic 330W
  • Inverter Type: SolarEdge
  • kWh Generated Annually: approximately 50,000 kWh
  • CO2 Avoided Annually: Projected offset will equal 228,000 pounds of coal from being burned


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