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Affordable, Zero Carbon EV Charging

More than affordable electricity, solar panels keep EVs running carbon footprint-free. Drivers get all the miles with none of the dependency on fossil fuels. For businesses, solar with EV charging can also attract new customers while benefiting employees.

Choose All Energy Solar for Your Solar EV Needs

Electric vehicles are changing the way people drive — and All Energy Solar makes solar-powered EV charging easy. We’re experts in doing solar charging right.

  • Licensed electrical contractors
  • Licensed building contractors
  • Building, fire, and electrical code compliant
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

Get Home Solar EV Charging Installed

We help homeowners make electric vehicle ownership as green as possible. All Energy Solar creates systems that charge the vehicle or the entire home.

A flexible and dependable power source

  • All Energy Solar can increase your panels as the number of EVs you own or miles driven changes
  • When the grid goes down, solar keeps charging your EV’s battery throughout the day

Add a Commercial Solar EV Charging Station

As more customers and employees use electric vehicles, the need for convenient charging stations amps up. All Energy Solar can install your custom-built or pre-built stations.

Be a preferable and accessible destination

  • EV charging makes it possible for more people to drive to and from your business in an EV
  • Customers and employees who own EVs will see you as a destination of choice

Why Solar Charging for EVs Makes Sense

There are several reasons to consider a battery backup system. Some are obvious; others could be essential benefits you haven’t considered yet.


  • Solar electricity costs less than utility rates
  • Less upkeep than grid-tied charging stations


  • No carbon emissions
  • Works during power outages
  • Reduces high voltage power lines and circuits

Great for business

  • Attracts new customers and sales
  • You’re listed on EV charging apps
  • Profitable (charge per minute/kWh)
  • Creates an employee benefit/recruitment tool

Adding Solar EV Charging to Your Property

The specifics of adding a solar storage station for electric vehicles will always have variables. But how All Energy Solar approaches your solution is well established. We’ll guide you through the steps to support your decision-making process.

Determine your charging needs
Identify the appropriate system design (custom or off-the-shelf)
Conduct a site assessment
System design, engineering and product ordering
System Installation and activation

Solar + EV FAQs

Can solar EV charging be part of a comprehensive solar power solution?
Yes. All Energy Solar can create a system scaled to your vehicle charging needs or build one that covers your other power needs too.
Can I charge my EV at night?
Yes. You can charge your EV directly from solar panels by day or from a battery storage system such as the Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Encharge IQ at night.
What level of EV charging can I expect with solar?
EV charging comes in level 1 (120 volts), level 2 (240 volts) and level 3 (480 volts). Solar panels can support all three options, but the most common are level 1 or 2.
Can I switch between solar and the grid for EV charging?
Yes. Depending on how the system is designed, you may have separate chargers for solar and grid, or the two can be combined into a single system.
Will it charge every EV?
Yes, with adapters. There is no universal EV charging platform, The Tesla connector and the combined charging system (CCS) are emerging as standards, but the J1772 is still prevalent. CHAdeMO is fading away quickly.
I had All Energy Solar install a 3.3 kw system that should be more than enough to keep my EV charged.
- Everett

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See Our Recent Solar Installations


What You’ll Like Knowing About Solar EV Charging

We’ve made solar EV charging quick and easy to understand.

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