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Save 30% on your entire commercial or residential solar project with federal tax credits. Plus, All Energy Solar helps you find the best financing for the most significant long-term ROI.

Choose All Energy Solar for Solar Cost Savings

All Energy Solar provides lots of lending options, accurate budgets, and reliable production forecasts. It’s part of our approach to doing solar right. Now you have the power to make a wise long-term investment.

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Get to Know Your Solar Financing Options

You have six options when it comes to financing your solar project. This allows you to select the option, rate, and terms that work best for your budget.

Tap into your home’s equity

A home equity loan or line of credit (HELOC) typically provides the lowest interest rate. Both are popular options for financing a solar project. You’ll work with a third-party lender to determine how much equity you have and whether it makes sense to use this option.

Apply for a home improvement loan

Not enough equity yet? Your next financing option is likely a home improvement loan. It comes with a higher interest rate and a shorter pay-off period and requires a better credit score to qualify. While the rate is higher because the terms are shorter, it may have a lower total cost than a home equity option.

A business loan for long-term line gains

Partner with your professional lender to find a financing package to lower overhead costs and improve your property value for significant ROI. You can also explore capital depreciation write-offs with your accountant.

Paying for solar out of pocket

Some customers have the opportunity to pay for solar out of their savings. If you’re in this position, it’s a great option that ensures the absolute lowest system costs since there is no interest involved.

Solar lease or PPA to cover the cost of solar

Though this type of financing option is more rare, under the right circumstances, solar leases that involve a third-party owner for the solar array can be an attractive option, often offering little to no money down.

Finance your solar project through All Energy Solar

Like many customers do when buying a car from a dealership, you can have All Energy finance your entire solar panel project. Direct financing creates a fast and seamless experience.

Why You’ll Benefit With Direct Financing

One of the best ways to pay for your solar project is using direct financing through All Energy Solar. We give you attractive terms and a streamlined process.

  • No penalty for early pay-off
  • You select the duration of the loan
  • Easy, one-stop shopping
  • Competitive interest rates

Understand the Total Solar Installation Process

Cost savings motivates many people to add solar. Therefore financing is a big part of the process — but not the only one. Understanding each phase makes it easier to get the best possible solar solution.

Financing FAQs

Will All Energy Solar help me pick the best financing option?
Ultimately, choosing how to finance your solar project is up to you. We will answer your questions and provide any help possible, but we are not financial advisors. You may want to consult with a lender or accountant for professional guidance.
Can I use multiple ways to pay for more solar panels?
Yes. You can use a combination of financing options to pay for your solar project.
Will federal tax credits be applied upfront?
No. You pay for your system in full and then apply for tax credits afterwards. The rebates do not lower the cost upfront.
How do I find local grants, rebates and other incentives?

All Energy Solar is familiar with some incentive programs and will try to inform you of everything you may be eligible for. We'll even apply on your behalf if we are able. However, we also suggest using your search engine to look up “solar incentives” in your state and city. It’s also wise to call your local city hall.

Who does the paperwork for my grants, rebates, and other incentives?

All Energy Solar will provide the required project details in support of applications for any potential incentives, utility programs or grants. For many incentives or rebates, we can apply on your behalf. With respect to the federal tax credit, we provide the necessary paid-in-full receipts required to submit when filing your tax return. We know these processes well and are here to support you.

How long do solar panels take to pay for themself?

That depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the proposed location for the panels, energy usage of the property, solar incentives, net metering agreements and more. Typical timeframes for commercial installations can range between eight to 15 years, but could last longer for larger projects. Residential systems vary more widely. For example, energy costs two to three times more in the east than in the Midwest. Our sales representatives will help you determine the projected break-even point.

All Energy Solar was one of the best customer experiences I have ever had for home investments.
- Adam Rudolph

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