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New Roof with Solar Panel Removal & Reinstall in Crystal, Minnesota

Crystal, Minnesota

While looking for a solar solution for her home back in 2016, Carol Weston did her research. After taking a look at various options, All Energy Solar checked all of the boxes for what the Weston’s were looking for. Carol made the decision to use All Energy Solar due to the company’s “good reputation and track record in Minnesota, knowledgeable staff, and fair pricing,” which checked all of the boxes of what they were looking for in a solar installer. After making the switch, they were happy to have their solar array offset their electricity usage.

As with every home, it was inevitable that the roof would need to be replaced, and in early 2023 the time came, so the search started to find who would be doing the roofing on their home. While they were interested in having All Energy Solar do the removal and reinstallation of their solar to keep warranties intact, they looked at the solar installer for roofing as well. Since Carol is one to research her options, she gathered quotes from other roofing companies and came to a decision.

“We decided to use All Energy Solar for our roofing and reinstall,” she said, “ because their roofing contractor was experienced and knowledgeable, he worked well with our insurance company, and we thought the entire process of removal of old shingles, installation of new shingles and re-installation of the solar panels would be easier to coordinate with one company.” And she was right. Having All Energy Solar deal with every step of the process meant less work and less planning to coordinate with different contractors without sacrificing quality work.

After all was said and done, the Weston home was excited to have their new roof and their same solar panels back up. “Working with All Energy Solar for this project was easy and efficient,” Carol stated. Throughout the entire process, she noted that everyone who worked on the project was knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous.

While working with insurance can be one of the most tedious parts of getting a roof replaced, Carol was happy that “All Energy Solar worked well with our insurance company and provided the detailed information needed to ensure our costs were covered by the insurance company.” After a quick turnaround on the project, the Weston home has its new roof and its trusted solar array back up and running, all conveniently done with All Energy Solar.

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