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Limited incentives to install solar are available through Minnesota’s Solar Rebate Programs!

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All Energy Solar Testimonials

Brian Anderson
This is the story of a family man, techie, environmentalist, and lover of his All Energy Solar system who is “looking forward to many years of low cost energy”.

Twin Cities, MN

Jayne Hager Dee
As a retired couple, the Dee’s wanted to make their monthly expenses as predictable as possible. After doing some research, the Dee’s realized that the use of Solar electric panels could help them lock in their energy rates for years to come.

Northfield, MN

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is All Energy Solar?

All Energy Solar is a premier full-service solar energy provider based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. We’ve been providing full-service installations since 2009, and we’ve installed thousands of systems throughout the state for property owners of all kinds.

Why go solar?

Solar is a clean, renewable source of electricity that promotes local job growth and supports energy independence. By going solar, you are helping the state to meet important goals to get more renewable energy on the grid. Solar electricity is reliable, noiseless, and adds value to your property without increasing your property taxes.

Do I have to pay for my solar system up front?

No. There are different options for paying for your system.

  1. Pay little upfront with a solar loan – Save money from year one while building equity in your system and take advantage of great tax credits and rebates. At the end of the loan enjoy free power from the sun.
  2. Purchase a solar energy system – Purchasing your solar system outright means instant electricity savings, tax credits, rebates, and increasing your home’s resale value. With no monthly payments you can save immediately with clean power from the sun.

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