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Double-Duty Solar Solutions For Businesses And Residential Properties

When you think of solar, most people picture a rooftop installation on a home or business. Still, there is a growing number of property owners who are choosing “double-duty” solar installations for one reason or another. Double-duty solar installations are structural ground mounting systems that offer a secondary functional use, such as a pergola or carport that provides shade and shelter from the elements and offers an ideal location for a solar installation.


Why do a double-duty solar installation

Rooftop solar isn’t an option for some property owners for various reasons. These include limited rooftop sun exposure and a high number of obstructions that prevent the installation of solar panels or HOA or city regulations that restrict the placement and location of panels on a structure. 

What to consider when looking at a double-duty solar installation

 Double-duty solar installation may be placed on an existing structure on the property, such as a carport or pergola. Yet, for many people, the structure is being built from scratch to accommodate the addition of solar panels. In either case, you’ll want to make sure that the structure is stable and strong enough to hold the system’s weight. If the structure is new, you’ll want to make sure the new design is appropriately sized to fit the desired number of panels and placed in an ideal location for sun exposure. If you’re uncertain about these questions, speaking with a qualified and experienced solar installer is a great way to answer many of these questions.


To learn more about installing a double-duty solar structure, contact an All Energy Solar representative or download our eBook Solar For New Construction.

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