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Our Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation Process

In need of a new roof but want your solar panels to stay in the clear? All Energy Solar is ready to help you remove and reinstall your solar panels.

As part of our turn-key services, we offer the removal and reinstallation of solar panels. While solar panels do a great job of protecting your roof, there still comes a time when your roof will need to be replaced, meaning your solar array will need to come down. To ensure manufacturer warranties stay valid, you will need a licensed professional to remove and reinstall your solar energy system. 

When working on a removal and reinstallation project, we follow a four-step process to make everything as easy as possible for you. The process entails Contract, Communication, Timing, and Peace of mind so you can take a step back and know that your project is moving forward and being handled with care. 

We start with the contract, which requires a deposit to move forward with the project. This helps us sort out details and discuss expectations of the project. Once insurance has approved the work, we can provide any needed documentation. Then we can coordinate with your roofer to begin scheduling the solar removal. 

Communication is key to a successful project. You will be assigned a project coordinator for your roofing project to make sure everything stays on track. They will be your primary contact if you have any questions or need anything. They will become an expert on your specific project. 

The timing of your project is another important factor and something that you shouldn’t have to worry about. We will be in contact with your roofer so we can remove the solar array prior to their work. Then, once the roofing project is complete and inspections are done, we will come back to reinstall the solar array on your new roof. 

Using All Energy Solar provides you with peace of mind that your solar panels are in good hands. Since we are professionals, we keep all existing warranties on your solar array intact. After everything is said and done, your solar array will be fully functional again. Plus, you will have a new two-year workmanship warranty if any issues arise with the reinstallation. 

If you are within 80 miles of our Saint Paul, Minnesota Headquarters, we can actually do your roof, too! This makes the process even easier and more efficient. In one fell swoop, we can do everything from talking with your insurance to providing high-quality roofing work with a ten-year warranty on leaks. Plus, we will cover any solar production lost if the project takes longer than two weeks. 

When you are in need of a new roof, we’ll be ready for you!

All Energy Solar is a turn-key solar installation company that wants to help you save money on your solar investment. We have been installing solar since 2009 and know the ins and outs of the entire process. To learn more about our offerings, view our website to access helpful resources such as blog posts, infographics, videos, and more. 

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