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SPAN – The Overdue Update To Your Breaker Box

Many home improvement projects feature new technologies, but breaker boxes have been left behind, with underwhelming updates, until now. Introducing SPAN, the smart home energy management system, a complete update to traditional electrical panels, and unlike any other electrical panel before.

Now, you can take complete control over your power and monitor your energy usage like never before. With SPAN, you can track how much energy each circuit is using and how much energy your solar panels provide to give you a breakdown of how you use your power. This provides you with unparalleled insights into your home energy usage all through the SPAN app.

Not only can you see your electrical usage, but you can plan it too. You have complete power over your entire home energy usage by selecting what circuits are on or off at any time, from anywhere. Or you can schedule automatic on/off times for each circuit through Alexa, so you don’t even have to think about it. SPAN panels will continue to enhance and get smarter with over-the-air updates throughout their lifetime. With these data-driven insights about your home energy usage, you can save energy, meaning you can save money on electric bills. 

Using SPAN with battery backup systems provides control over how your stored energy is being used. You can see in real time how much energy you have left in your battery and prioritize which circuits are essential to keep running and which ones you don’t need in a power outage. This can mean up to a 40 percent longer battery life on average, according to SPAN’s research.

With SPAN Drive, electric vehicle (EV) charging is more optimized than ever before. The charging system is compatible with all EVs, and when paired with SPAN Drive, it will speed up or slow down your charging as needed. And, since the SPAN panel is a listed energy management system, it can help avoid costly service upgrades when you pair the product with EV charging.

Your home is more optimized with SPAN, better preparing you for the future. There are various reasons why electrical panels need to be replaced, including major home energy upgrades. Avoid the future hassle and get SPAN now so you can start taking control of your energy independence.

There might be incentives to help you pay for your electrical panel upgrade. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provides tax credits for electrical upgrades to your home, and SPAN could qualify you for a tax credit. A professional will be able to help you see what rebates you can qualify for. 

All Energy Solar is an authorized SPAN installer, and we are ready to help you optimize your home with smart energy usage. We are now installing SPAN for our solar customers. Contact us to take your home to the next level with SPAN.

Want to see how it works? You can download the SPAN app now for a simulated version of how the product tracks and optimizes home energy usage. You can also check out some of our other resources for more information on solar, EV charging, or battery backups

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