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2023 Edina Solar Bonus Cost Share

The city of Edina’s Community Climate Action Fund aims to provide some reimbursement to those working to minimize their greenhouse gas emissions.

The program also has a bonus cost share for properties that install solar power systems.

Edina Minnesota solar installation

Residents and businesses of Edina can participate in the city’s Community Climate Action Fund. This cost-share program helps to compensate for some of the funds used in increasing a property’s energy efficiency rating.
Applicants of this program must have completed an energy assessment on their property within the last 36 months of applying. They can then apply to increase their energy efficiency score by installing one of the following projects: air sealing & insulation to attics, wall insulation, cold-climate air source heat pump, heat pump water heater, or a ground source heat pump.
Another energy assessment must be completed after the project is installed. This information will help determine the effectiveness of the project on the property and correlate to the percentage earned via the cost share.
For residential properties, if your initial energy assessment score is above 95 points, you can apply for a five percent solar cost share. If the initial assessment is below 95 points, the property must install an energy efficiency project that will increase the score by five to 15 points. These properties are eligible for a ten percent solar cost share.
Businesses and commercial properties can receive a ten percent solar cost share bonus when they complete a project that reduces their greenhouse gas emissions by five to 15 percent. 
In addition to this program, the inflation reduction act passed in 2022 which increased the federal tax credit for going solar to 30 percent. Residential and commercial properties may also have other incentives available to them. An All Energy Solar representative can assist in finding what incentives you can qualify for and will help in the application process.

Want to know if you could qualify for Edina’s Cost Share program and solar bonus or other solar incentives? Contact All Energy Solar for a free consultation; so a solar expert can help you find rebates you might qualify for. ebook: Solar for Business

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