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2023 Shakopee Public Utilities Rebate

Shakopee Public Utilities (SPU) is offering their users a rebate for going solar in 2023. In combination with increased federal incentives for solar it’s a great time to go solar.

As the need for clean energy is on the rise, many utility companies are rewarded their users for going solar. Shakopee Public Utilites is dedicated to helping make solar energy more attainable for their users.
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For 2023, users of Shakopee Public Utilities can receive a $500 rebate when they go solar. SPU requires that systems be a minimum of 2kW, and do not produce more than 120 percent of the previous year’s energy consumption. This rebate is given to customers on a first come, first served basis, and is not guaranteed to come back in following years. 

In addition to this rebate, All Energy Solar is giving SPU users $500 off of their solar installation when they go solar with All Energy Solar. This is in addition to SPU’s rebate, giving a total of $1,000 off of your solar installation! There is a limited amount of funding for this incentive, meaning if you want to claim this extra $500 it’s best to act as quickly as possible. 

There are other opportunities to save money on your solar power system. The Inflation Reduction Act that was passed last year increased federal-level incentives for installing solar. This 30 percent tax credit can be used in combination with local incentives such as SPU’s to make solar more attainable. 

This incentive only applies to residential properties that install solar, but commercial properties have other options available. A popular financing option for businesses looking to go solar is the MinnPACE program. With MinnPACE, commercial properties do not need upfront costs and only make payments twice a year.

Are you interested to see if you qualify for Shakopee Public Utilities Solar Rebate? Contact All Energy Solar for a free consultation; from there, a solar expert can help you discover what incentives you could qualify for.

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