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All Energy Solar reaches growth milestones with higher goals yet for 2022

This Minnesota solar company continues to thrive through building a strong workforce

All Energy Solar reached two milestones toward the end of 2021. Founded in 2009, the company completed its 6,000th solar panel installation project and recently hired its 200th employee in late 2021.

All Energy Solar - Bringing Panels to Roof

All Energy Solar has expanded considerably over the past decade or so since it was established by two brothers born in Minnesota. Though most of the staff centers around the headquarters in Saint Paul, hiring has been strong at branch offices in Madison, Wisconsin, and Chicopee, Massachusetts. The company also offers residential installation services in Iowa, New Hampshire, and New York, though the commercial teams have completed solar projects nationally and internationally

“Considering that All Energy Solar started with just myself and my brother, Michael, and now to see it has grown to 200 people and more than 6,000 installations is just incredible to us,” said Co-founder and Vice President Brian Allen. “Before starting All Energy Solar, we both worked at small, family-owned solar companies as well as big national players, some of which aren’t around anymore. Our success has been dependent on hiring talented individuals that take great pride in their work and enjoy going the extra mile for colleagues and customers.”

Having the distinction of a long, stable history is essential, as several solar installers have declared bankruptcy or worse in Minnesota. The demise of one company was harmful enough that it induced major utilities to change approval practices and prompted state legislation to protect consumers when licensed contractors fail or commit fraud, though the measure hasn’t passed.

“We’ve stepped up for many people who needed help when their original solar provider stepped out. Seeing the mistakes of other companies has influenced how our business operates and hires,” said Michael Allen, All Energy Solar President and Co-Founder. “As leaders in the solar industry, the reliability and integrity of our installations impact peoples’ lives every day. When we hire dependable people that aspire to do right by their teammates and our customers, it shows in our work. Many on our staff have been with us for more than five years, and most of our customers go on to recommend All Energy Solar to their friends.”

Winter will be over soon, the calendar for spring is filling up, and teams are preparing for another busy solar season. Brian smiled, “We could hit 7,000 installations this year.”

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