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Earth Day Clean-Up At All Energy Solar

From up on roofs to down on the ground, All Energy Solar is committed to helping make the earth a cleaner, greener place. This Earth Day we took time to celebrate and clean up our surrounding communities.

At All Energy Solar, every day is Earth Day for us, but on April 22, we took a break from our phone calls, emails, and meetings which are the norm for a Monday, and went outside to clean up. Our installers kept up the good work of helping the planet and continued installing solar. 

Solar energy significantly reduces carbon emissions, but it’s not always a viable option for everyone. There are plenty of ways to help the Earth beyond solar energy, and Earth Day seemed like a perfect day for us to do something a little extra for Mother Nature. 

Dozens of bags of trash were collected within a few miles of our Saint Paul and Madison offices. Not only were we able to pick up garbage but we got to interact with other community members, hopefully inspiring them to help the earth in some way today.

Other local businesses helped by offering our employees water and extra trash bags along the way. Various residents of the area thanked us and talked about their own Earth Day efforts. We even saw some of our solar soaking up some rays during the sunny afternoon. 

Being a good steward of the earth comes in many different forms, from solar energy to cleaning up trash and connecting with your community. During this clean-up, we reflected on the big impact that happens when we work together. We hope you found a way to appreciate the earth today. 

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