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All Energy Solar Installs 100 Megawatts of Power

All Energy Solar recently achieved a huge milestone. The company has now installed more than 100 megawatts (MW) of power via solar panel projects for customers, including residential, commercial, agricultural, and municipal. Reaching 100 MW is just one of many goals the company has strived for and attained since its founding in 2009, with even bigger plans yet on the horizon. 

“We are thrilled with this accomplishment. That’s almost a quarter million panels. It’s a big number, but every solar panel installed is one more step towards a better future,” said All Energy Solar Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Michael Allen. “This milestone reminds us how important the work is that we are doing and how we can make an impact on the world.”

This victory was a long time coming for the company. Over the last 14 years, All Energy Solar has worked hard to earn a leadership role in the solar industry and establish a reputation among customers for reliability. The 100 MW calculation includes a variety of more than 7,000 solar projects ranging from small home energy systems to massive commercial interstate partnerships across multiple locations. According to EcoWatch, 100 MW of solar can power 16,400 U.S. homes or more. It offsets the equivalent of burning about 79,380 pounds of coal and prevents 172,181 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. 

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing available renewable energy, All Energy Solar and the solar industry as a whole are also creating good-paying jobs. All Energy Solar employs more than 250 people at offices and warehouses in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts, with residential services extending to Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire. The company has installed large-scale commercial projects throughout the U.S. and internationally. 

“The work of many people and talents went into attaining this number. From marketing and sales helping people learn about solar, project designers that draw the blueprints, permitters, financing, installers putting the panels up – there is a very enthusiastic team pushing this solar energy transformation forward,” said Brian Allen, All Energy Solar President and Co-Founder. “Our influence can be seen nationwide, and it’s an affirmation that the hard work each person does every day is paying off.”

While this is an exciting time for All Energy Solar, there is no end in sight to their achievements. Solar is the energy of the future. As more people and businesses decide they want to help the environment or get more control over their electricity bills, All Energy Solar is ready with a proven process to assist them with reaching their energy goals.

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