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Lunch & Learn Webinar: Solar for Business in 2023

Interested to see what solar power could do for your business or non-profit? Our new Lunch & Learn Webinar series will provide information about solar panel systems based on your company’s needs. You will be able to choose which webinar to attend for information that is tailored to your company or your role. 


More businesses and non-profits qualify for tax incentives that could reduce solar installation costs by 30 to 70 percent. During these 1-hour events, a solar energy expert will illustrate how switching to solar power just became easier for more businesses to invest their money for the future. We’ll also talk about why waiting too long to secure your spot on the grid could be a mistake now that the IRA has passed.  Topics to be presented include:

• Basics of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system
• How solar can reduce business-related energy costs
• What “grid congestion” means and how to try to avoid it
• Step-by-step process to determine if solar is right for a property
• High-level information about incentives available to businesses
• Economic benefits and financing options
• Q&A

A solar expert will lead the event and answer questions. You must attend the event to receive this information – a post-webinar recording will not be available once the event has concluded. For additional information, you can contact

Small But Mighty Impactful

This webinar is intended for businesses smaller in size, typically occupying buildings 10,000 square feet or less, yet feeling the strain of utility costs increases as much as anyone.  We can help any small business achieve greater energy independence with smaller but still impactful projects.

  • Thursday, February 2 at 12:00 PM CST [ENDED]

Mid-To-Large Companies On The Grow

Join us in this webinar if your business and property are larger than most.  Warehousing, multi-tenant commercial buildings, transportation and distribution centers, large-scale retail, multi-tenant housing, and more.  We have a team with great experience supporting all types of mid-to-large scale companies.


Certified Public Accountant Edition (CPA)

This webinar is intended for Certified Public Accountants or similar roles within their company. There are various different tax incentives available right now, this webinar will talk through what ones are available for businesses and financing options to pay for a solar system.

Chief Financial Officer Edition (CFO)

If you are the Chief Financial Officer or have a similar role, this webinar will be most beneficial for you. Here you will hear about the return on investment and payback period for solar systems and the unique financing options available for businesses.

Solar for Non-Profits

Register for this webinar if your non-profit organization is interested in learning about solar energy. Our solar expert will talk about specific incentives that are available for non-profits. Regardless of if you fit the description of our other commercial webinars, we recommend this event, where you will hear tailored information about solar energy in the non-profit sector. 



If you can’t attend on the date that works best for you: Please fill out our quote form and you’ll get a personalized, in-depth evaluation at a time of your choosing. Please note that recordings of these webinars will not be available after the sessions have ended. To receive the information, you must attend during the time indicated. You can also contact us or subscribe to our blog to get updates about future webinars.

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