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The Bigger the Business, the Better the Energy Savings

Many business owners who look to solar see an opportunity to save money on their energy costs. Every energy bill is a reminder of the volatile rates of electricity, but not with solar power. With solar, business and property owners’ energy rates are fixed from the day their solar panels begin to generate power. In fact, our financing options allow businesses to install solar for no money and simply start paying for solar energy at a lower rate. Request a free quote or call us to schedule a free site assessment to see how you can start saving money for your business with solar.

How many investments do you know that can guarantee savings? Imagine if you could set the price of gasoline today, and never have to worry about unpredictable gasoline prices in the future. This is the very nature of solar–you can lock in savings immediately after you install your solar array. It is a logical, money-saving, and sometimes money-making decision, especially on massive scales.

Huge investors like Warren Buffett have chosen renewable energy as their latest investment opportunities. Buffett’s $30 billion commitment to renewable energy proves the reliability of solar power as a premium source of energy that will generate power for decades. His investment is not necessarily geared towards saving the climate, but is aimed towards a different kind of green–it will without a doubt make him a lot of money with power purchase agreements and predictable rates of return. Walmart as well has made the leap towards predictable energy savings in stores across the country. Hundreds of jobs will be created, huge amounts of money will be saved in energy costs, and it is likely corporations across the world will follow Walmart’s lead.

topazsolarfarmBuffett Buffett’s 550 MW Topaz Solar Farm in San Luis Obispo County, California

walmartReusableimage Walmart’s Massive Solar Installations

Would Warren Buffett and Walmart invest in solar if there was any risk on their investment’s return? These giant investors have made a clear statement that solar power leads to profit.  For these investors, solar means business.

Of course not everyone can afford to invest in solar power like the Buffetts and Walmarts of the world. But the lesson here is clear; after initial costs of the solar installation, business owners will own renewable energy at a fixed price, and won’t have to worry about the rapidly rising cost of polluting energy.

At All Energy Solar, we have all the capabilities to power your business with renewable solar energy. We’ve installed solar for small and large businesses, farms, and the industrial sector. From rooftop to ground installations, our solar arrays power the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Marriott Hotels, Bellwether Media, the city of Red Wing’s incinerator, Dakota County’s Transportation Facility, and more.

Let us come up with an innovative solar design for your business, and get you started on the path to saving money on your electric bill.

One of our commercial installations at Bellwether Media One of our commercial installations at Bellwether Media

An All Energy Solar Installation at the Marriott An All Energy Solar Installation at the Marriott


SnippetRedWingFireHall All Energy Solar’s Red Wing Fire Hall Installation

finalSnippetDakotaCoutny Another Installation by All Energy Solar at the Dakota County Transportation Facility




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