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How Technology Is Changing The Solar Industry

Over the last decade, solar technology advancements have primarily focused on designing and developing the actual panels themselves, as the industry sought ways to make panels more efficient, more affordable, and improve their aesthetics to make them more appealing to consumers. However, as solar panels appear to be reaching a bit of a design and performance plateau with the next significant innovations more than a few years away, solar is still seeing a wide range of technological innovations reshaping the industry. But nothing may be more important in the next few years than the advancements in solar energy storage.


Battery storage for solar energy used to require a decent amount of dedicated space and a fair amount of management on the part of the system owner, but that’s no longer the case. The new self-contained, wall-mounted battery storage systems like the Tesla Powerwall and the Enphase IQ Battery have changed the energy storage game. These new smart-battery solutions feature built-in sensors that recognize outages and distribute power when and where you need it. And they’re recharged daily by your solar system to ensure that you’re never without power.

Expansion and growth

Not only are systems like the Tesla Powerwall and Enphase IQ Battery self-contained systems that require little to no care once installed, they are also designed so you can quickly and easily expand your system as your needs grow or change. This adaptability is highly appealing for those considering adding to their home or business’s power demands through a remodel or addition or by purchasing an electric vehicle or two.

Compatible with EVs 

As gas prices in the U.S. fluctuate, more and more consumers are leaning towards replacing their current vehicle(s) with an electric option. For a home or business owner who has a self-contained, easily expandable battery storage system, the addition of an  EV charging station is a relatively simple proposition.

To learn more about how you can incorporate a battery backup system into your current or future solar photovoltaic (PV) system, download our eBook, EV Charging + Solar: The Perfect Pairing, or contact an All Energy Solar representative directly.

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