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Is Your Home Improvement Investment Eco-Friendly?

Every home owner has one—that long, long list of projects to upgrade your home. Your list might include a kitchen remodel, a new deck or a much-needed coat of paint on the interior walls. When you’re deciding which item on the list you want to tackle next, you might want to consider projects that keep the planet a little greener—while saving you some “green” in the long run, too.are-you-wasting-your-home-investment

Redecorate? Or re-energize?


If you’re satisfied with the current décor and design in your home, you may want to look toward investments that can begin to reduce your carbon footprint in a significant way. A home improvement that reduces energy usage can help you experience lower utility bills every single month, and it can help you become a more responsible corporate citizen, too.

When you choose a clean energy option through the installation of solar panels, you can generate enough electricity to power your entire home. Solar power, which has been in use for over 50 years, is more efficient and affordable than ever. Right now, the typical American family is spending over $1,335 a year on electricity alone, so solar power—free, cheap and abundant—can make a big difference in reducing or eliminating those costs.

Resale value


The world is going “green,” and solar has never been more popular. That means that when it comes time for you to sell your home, the trend toward green living means that you’ll find a demand for a home that has a smaller carbon footprint and is powered by renewable sources. Investing in solar now can mean your home is well-positioned for the real estate market of
the future.

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