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If you’re financially savvy and eco-conscious, you’ve probably considered your options to go solar or buy an electric vehicle (EV). You’re on to something good with both. Home solar systems and EVs go together like cookies and milk! Charging an EV with the power of the sun can help save money and the planet in a variety of ways.

Here are five ways that home solar can benefit you if you own an EV:

Charging station with Chevrolet Volts

1. Predictable energy prices for years to come

We know about the unpredictability of gas prices all too well. Home solar allows you to take ownership of your energy resource, and it insulates you from volatile energy prices. Becoming energy independent at home is just one more way to ensure that you’re not at the mercy of unstable energy prices when charging your vehicle.

2. Hassle free, maintenance free energy

When you combine All Energy Solar’s turn-key solar installation, system monitoring and system warranties with a low-maintenance cost-effective electric car, you’re set up for a stress-free life both at home and on the road.

3. Charge for less!

Solar panels make owning an EV even more budget friendly. How? By lowering the cost of the electricity needed for home charging. When you can pay less for solar energy than your utility rates, you’re saving even more every time you charge your electric car.

 4. Fossil fuel free driving

A major benefit of buying an EV is finally giving fossil fuels the boot. The last thing you’ll want is to continue powering it with the dirty fossil fuel resources that commonly power our grid today. Driving on the power of the sun will give you peace of mind that you’re making the right decision for your pocketbook and for the planet.

5. Cash in on incentives

Not only does home solar save you money while you charge your EV, owning solar comes with some sweet financial perks. Those who qualify can take advantage of the current utility rebates for solar along with tax credits. With the current programs most solar owners can now go solar for $0 to little down and remain on a comfortable monthly budget for energy spending. The current tax benefits and incentives won’t be around forever, so take advantage of them soon.

Whether you already drive an EV or are planning one in the future, All Energy Solar can help. Find out whether you could benefit from installing solar by filling out our form below. We look forward to seeing if we can make the sun work for you!

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