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Solar Energy: The Fast Track To Energy Independence

Solar energy has long been talked about as a source of energy independence on a national scale, but did you know that solar energy is also the fast track to personal energy independence?

What is energy independence?

True energy independence means that you are free of outside resources or infrastructure to supply, manage, or meet your energy needs. Solar energy on its own can typically help you reach some energy freedom. For some people, this means they’re partially tied to the grid but have a battery backup system that ensures that they’ll always have some level of power supply available. In comparison, others look to be removed entirely from the grid to attain true and total energy independence. To achieve this, you need to have a system that allows you to have zero dependence or connection on outside sources such as a local power utility. 


One of the top draws to seeking energy independence is security. In recent years, we have watched severe weather like hurricanes and ice storms take out portions of our nation’s power system, leaving people without power for extended periods. Whether your system is partially or fully tied to the grid, your solar panels and energy storage system ensure that you’ll have some level of your power needs met day and night. 

Financial stability 

As local, national, and global factors like politics and policies, the recent pandemic and changes in weather patterns have played ping pong with energy prices, solar can provide you with a level of financial predictability. If you are semi or even wholly tied to the grid, with solar, you will have some significant savings over those at the mercy of the energy market.

To learn more about how solar can help you enjoy energy independence, download our  handbook, Making the Switch with All Energy Solar, or contact an All Energy Solar representative directly.

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