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How Google Satellite Technology is Helping Installers Assess Your Property’s Solar Viability

Most of us have spent a few moments looking at where we live or checking out a famous location using Google’s satellite technology. Did you know that Google’s technology is also helping some solar installers better assess a property’s solar viability?


Necessity fueling innovation

When the global pandemic hit in early 2020, much of the way we did business ground to a halt as face-to-face interaction was replaced with online video conferencing, phone calls and other ways to communicate from a distance. This challenge held true for those working in the solar industry who were accustomed to meeting with potential solar customers and doing in-person inspections of properties. Installers like All Energy Solar sought out new ways to continue doing business, including using Google technologies to assess the viability of a property.

Three tools working together as one

By pairing together Google Street Views, Google Satellite, and Google Sunroof the installers at All Energy Solar were able to gain a fairly good understanding of a property’s solar potential.


  • Google Satellite—is a significant first step in determining if a property has unobstructed space that could be viable for a solar installation.
  • Google Street View—Allows the installer to identify trees or other obstructions that may limit a property’s solar potential or require trimming or removal. 
  • Google SunroofLeverages visual data from Maps and Earth to generate 3D models of the total amount of sunlight that reaches a property’s roof. The tool considers factors such as annual weather patterns, the position of the sun throughout the year, and shade from nearby obstructions like trees and tall buildings.


Although these three tools don’t tell the entire story of a property, they have proven to be a remarkably helpful way for the team at All Energy Solar as they work to meet the growing demand for solar.

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