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Are You Selling Your Solar Home? Here’s What to Highlight to Seal the Deal

You’ve put your home, with its solar array, on the market. Potential buyers may understand the benefits and responsibilities of solar—or they may not. While many environmentally-aware house shoppers see solar for what it is, a many-sided benefit, others may be concerned about its effect on the home’s value, the responsibilities of upkeep, and whether sun power will really save them money. Being set up with a few convincing facts can make the difference between a “thanks-but-no-thanks” and an offer.


Solar adds value to a home

Studies have shown that solar panels add from about $10,000 to $24,000 to a home’s resale value. Local market conditions vary, of course, but as solar becomes more widely known and valued, the majority of homebuyers are coming to see it for the upgrade that it is.

Solar panels are simple to maintain
Panels are generally durable enough to last from 25 to 30 years with just a four-times-a-year wash-down—from ground level—with a garden hose.

You don’t need to be a tech genius to have home solar

Ever since the switch was thrown, your home solar system has been basically running itself, and there are any number of easy-to-use digital monitoring systems to keep track of metrics and spot trouble.

Yes, you can save significant money on your energy bill

This is the big convincer for many. A study of home solar in ten US states, published in 2019, estimated that the 20-year savings in utility payments ranged from $10,000 to $13,000.

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