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What You Need to Have Ready When You’re Selling a Solar Home

If you’re putting your solar-panel-equipped house on the market, your likely buyer will either:

  1. know that having solar power is a big advantage, or
  2. have some questions and concerns about it—maybe even a little bit of both.

To show off your solar array as the excellent selling point that it is, you’ll want to have some important information ready so you can explain your system and document it.RealtorsGuide_WhattoHave

Here’s some information you’ll likely need handy:

  1. Your system’s size and capacity.
  2. Your financing or leasing arrangements, plus the value of any rebates you may have received and the details of your net-metering agreement, if you have one.
  3. Documentation of your energy costs and savings over time—this can be the most powerful convincer of all.
  4. Contact information for your installer—and some additional material that shows that the installer is high-quality and reliable.
  5. How the new owner can monitor your system’s metrics—how your remote monitoring system works, whether it’s through smart-home devices, your home computer, or mobile apps.

    What the software can provide by way of information: how it detects problems, whether it tracks weather-based performance, etc.

For many, solar sells itself—but it can’t do that without your help. Make sure you’re prepared to make the case for solar in the particular case of your on-the-market home.

To learn more about how solar can help seal the deal when you’re selling—and what you need to know when buying, too—check out our eBook “A Realtor’s Guide for Solar” here.

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