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5 Things Realtors Should Know Before Putting a Solar Home on the Market

If you have a solar home to sell, you’re in luck! Those photovoltaic panels can be a strong selling point. Solar not only saves homebuyers money on utility bills, it can add substantially to a home’s resale value. It’s also easy to maintain and monitor, and it contributes to building a better energy future. But you need to know a few important things about the home and its system before you put it on the market.RealtorsGuide_WhattoKnow

Check the panels. They need to be in good condition. Were they installed by a reputable manufacturer who’s still in business? How old are they? 

Know the terms of the solar deal. Are the owners renting, or did they buy? What are the financing terms? What are the details of the net-metering agreement, if one is in place—that is, on what terms are the owners selling, then buying back, energy to and from the utility?

Know the warranty. What does it cover, and how much time is left on it?

Is the rest of the house energy-efficient, too? For solar to deliver on its promises, the home should be well suited for optimization.

Be realistic. Unfortunately, you can’t assume that a buyer will see solar as an advantage right off the bat—they may have unrealistic worries or believe negative myths about solar. They may not want to take on the seller’s lease, and prefer to buy. Lenders may or may not be familiar or comfortable with the details of solar purchases. Not all appraisers know how to value a solar home.

As a Realtor, you know that making a deal can be hard work, but this is where you excel—understand a home’s features and convey the advantages with conviction. You also understand that making a deal can be hard work. The main thing is to understand solar’s many advantages and convey them properly and confidently.  

For that, and for more tips on marketing a solar home, check out our eBook “A Realtor’s Guide for Solar” here.

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