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Solar + Agriculture – The Perfect Pair

As solar farms pop up throughout the countryside, misinformation has fueled some backlash against using traditional agricultural sites for solar energy production. In particular, some opponents claim that solar is taking up valuable farmland that could be used for growing food, particularly when food prices are soaring. 

The perfect pairing

Contrary to what some opponents of renewable energy believe, solar photovoltaic systems work well in agricultural settings, oftentimes with little to no disruption to crop production. Solar can often be installed in areas of land that are less viable for crop production. Additionally, solar’s flexible footprint makes it well suited for odd-sized tracts of land or on grazing land for small livestock where it can actually provide much-needed shade.

Pollinator friendly

With the growing global concern over the declining bee population and its impact on food production, solar is offering some positive news. Some solar farms include  planting pollinator-friendly plants under the panels as they often thrive in areas with partial shade. The close proximity of these pollinator-friendly plants to crops can improve the bee population’s health and spur crop production. 

Pairing solar with agriculture is all about making smart choices to make the best use of valuable land. 

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