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Wisconsin Makes an Important Decision for Solar Users

In November, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (WPSC) voted on two important proposals that are now giving solar users in the state a sigh of relief.

Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) recently came to the WPSC to propose an elimination of net metering for their customers. The proposal was denied as the WPSC thought the utility provider lacked substantial reasoning for the change. In addition to the weak proposal, hundreds of Wisconsin residents and over a dozen advocacy groups came to show their support for the current net metering practices. 

Wisconsin Power and Light (Alliant) had a more thorough proposal. They came to the WPSC to phase out net metering over the coming years and replace it with a new Power Partnership program. This would give current solar users and those who install by the end of 2025 the choice of keeping net metering practices until 2032 or switching to the new program. All solar installations done after the 2025 cut-off would be part of the power partnership. 

While the new program would still support the state’s solar industry, it was not as favorable as the current net metering program. With this in mind, the WPSC unanimously voted against Alliant’s proposal, thus electing to keep net metering for the utility provider’s users. 

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a unique way for solar energy owners to be rewarded for extra energy produced by their solar systems. Extra energy produced from your solar array is sent to the electrical grid, where it then provides energy for others on the grid. When this happens, the solar owner’s electric bill comes back negative, meaning that the utility company pays them for the extra energy that was produced. Not only is this cost-saving for the property owner, but it also means that overall, more renewable energy is being used in the community.

Without net metering, solar users would lack financial incentives, making solar energy inaccessible to much of the state’s population. Since these proposals were both denied by the WPSC, solar users of these utility providers will continue to have access to one of the most valuable incentives the state has to offer. These two decisions are vital to keeping solar a thriving industry in Wisconsin.

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